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LATIN AMERICA FILM AWARDS was made with the intention of creating a new scenario for independent filmmakers from Latin America and all around the world.

The festival, just like the films, is completely independent. We do not have any kind of sponsorship or assistance from any government, and therefore registration is charged. It's the only way to keep the festival alive and at a high level.

The films will be evaluated monthly by competent and awarded cinema professionals. The best film of each month will be shown on our website.

Winners will be notified on the 30th of each month.

Dates can be changed if necessary.

Films submitted after the 25th of each month will be evaluated for the following month's competition.

All selected films receive an official selection laurel.

Winning films will receive high quality laurel(s) and certificate(s).

The winner of “FILM OF THE MONTH” will have the opportunity to be screened online on our website in a special exhibition. The film will only be shown on our website with the permission of the responsible for the submission.

We are very supportive of independent cinema and it will be a great pleasure to get to know your work.

Please read the rules carefully before submitting.

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